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AI Personalized Expertise

Discover FameLink for users

FameLink connects you directly with experts in a variety of fields, offering exclusive content and advice tailored to your individual needs. Explore specialized knowledge, discover unique perspectives and benefit from a fully personalized experience.

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Discover FameLink for experts

For influencers and experts, FameLink provides a unique platform to expand your reach, engage with your audience on a deeper level, and monetize your expertise.

  • Publish Exclusive Content​

  • Bring value to your community with AI

  • Monetize Your Community


Explore the Potential of FameLink

Discover how FameLink can revolutionize engagement across various fields with diverse experts and influencers. Explore the potential of personalized interactions and tailored advice, enhancing connections between industry leaders and their communities.

FameLink - Use Case - Yomi Denzel

Yomi Denzel

E-commerce expert

Tibo Inshape - Use case FameLink

Tibo Inshape

Influencer and fitness expert

FameLink - Use Case - Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny

Lifestyle influencer

Gaz Oakley - Use case FameLink

Gaz Oakley

Vegan cooking expert


Meet the Minds Steering the Vision

Robin Koller - Co-founder of FameLink

Robin Koller


Gauthier Koller- Funder of FameLink SA

Gauthier Koller


Diego Rohner - Advisor of FameLink

Diego Rohner



Meet the Guiding Stars of FameLink

Let’s start the journey towards success and enhance revenue for your business.

Robin Bader - Advisor of FameLink

Robin Bader

A renowned marketing and e-commerce specialist with a successful entrepreneurial track record, bringing in-depth expertise to boost our visibility and growth.

Raphaël Humard - Advisor of FameLink

Raphaël Humard

At the head of a major industrial company, this advisor will be able to guide guide FameLink to the top of its category, thanks to his experience and expertise.

Pierre Gelso - Advisor of FameLink

Pierre Gelso

His fascination with innovation and business and his understanding of technologies make him an invaluable invaluable resource for our our team and our vision.

Vincent Nassar - Advisor of FameLink

Vincent Nassar

A seasoned expert in leadership and innovation, building bridges between academia and industry, recognized for his enthusiasm and special affection for innovative start-ups.


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